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File-Works is an easy-to-use web-based system that lets you and your employees, clients, and associates share files.

Low cost.  For less than a dollar a day, share files with employees, clients, associates - just like a big-company network.

Easy for you.  Don't let the term "administrator" scare you.  We walk you through the entire process of setting up your account, filing, access, and notification systems.  And free assistance is always available by E-mail or telephone.

Easy for your users.  Your employees and clients access only the files you want them to through an interface familiar to almost everyone — it looks and works much like Windows Explorer.

Your system.  You control who has access to your filing system and what they can do once they get there.  Want some people to be able to read but not change documents?  Download, revise, and upload?  You decide who gets what, who does what, and you can change these options with a single click on your company's Administration Page.

Safe and secure.  The only people who can see your documents are those you want to see them.  Your uploads and downloads travel, with a high level of encryption, over a secure connection between your users' computers and the File-Works servers.

Speaks for itself.  And we mean that literally.  You can enable a notification feature that automatically sends an E-mail to the appropriate users on your File-Works system to let them know a new document has been uploaded and is waiting for their attention.

Sound like just the system to help you and your employees work more efficiently?  Take a test drive or check out our documentation:
Documentation for File-Works Administrators (270 KB PDF)

Documentation for File-Works Users (655 KB PDF)